Scribbles and Such Things

These are my various disjointed snippets of writing. Hey, there's a reason I generally write poetry. It's easier to dream than to write the dream down. Anyway, some of these are serious, some humorous and most are just random insanity. Comments and constructive critiques of my work are always welcome.

Nonfiction Miscellany

For Whom the Rooster Crows:   The life of a vet student is fraught with peril
Killer Attack Chickens Some people have Dobermans. Others have German Shepherds. Wusses.
Cat Fu: An essential veterinary skill
You've Been Studying in Grenada Too Long When...
Necropsy How to really carry out a necropsy. (Aside from the carryout bag from Chef's Castle. Hey, they're called doggiebags for a reason!)

Sarellian Dating Method Research Project
Post-Study Questionnaire (Subject Form 27C)
A handy form for those nasty breakups. Please submit results to the Sarellian Research Foundation.

A Primer on Women and Relationships
Everyone says there's no handbook. Well, that's true, but here's a set of notes for the completely unenlightened male. In progress.

An idle thought that came to me one day... what would happen if I met my own RP characters? Still in progress.
Nurse Angel Ishiryoku and the Antimicrobial Girls
Learn microbiology the crazy/fun way!

The Alien

The Gifting   (updated 4/24/2004)

A story that literally came to me in a dream. Unfortunately, dreams are difficult to finish writing coherantly. This has the makings of a much longer story, but is very much a *slow* work-in-progress. Be warned, I do not write in a straight progression, as I often tend to leave gaps and return to fill them much later.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3