My Life in Poetry:

            a reverse chronological progression

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index of first lines and titles




Unicorns and sacrifices


Sail on, Sailor

memory of freedom

It sits.

What mirrored your eyes?

too much and too little

I cannot ask (mp3)

Before (mp3)

Beat (mp3)



Own True Match

Once I hoped to find

This arm around me

Two paths forward,

Shadows pass. (mp3)

I want a picture

This state,

Some might say these keys are cold, (mp3)

Painted faces waxen

Silence reaps its own reward

Under the animé sky (mp3)

Pulsar (mp3)

I lived a song that could be, (mp3)

I chanced to glance (mp3)

I cried for the fallen past today (mp3)

O the wild beauty of a storm! (mp3)

A tear for mistaken identity

Scatter the splinters of my soul

Song of the Westwind's Rising (mp3)

A drawn bowstring aquiver (mp3)

Leaves of autumn, russetted gold

Mystry'd winds bring shadows (mp3)

I dreamed a dream that once was

With the waters' bubble beside me (mp3)

fosterling, changeling

Walk in shadows, unseen by all

With the din of merriment pounding

And thus spare no passing thought for such a one as I (mp3)

What happens when dreams (mp3)

Morning Twilight

Silvren darkness shining in (mp3)

Spanning a chasm, miles deep (mp3)

Beyond resignation (mp3)

I hear a knocking, knocking, knocking

An empty room

Intriguing how

Wistful sighs

There are dirty minutes on my hands

Waving lilies in broad field dread fair

a yonder light glimmers

Fraudulent veneer

Dance the storm

Thus and thus doth life turn

Myself and I

Silent running through

A wandering soul

Silence, golden silence

Wherefore silence is mine friend

Solemn faces

There is a glade

There are sounds pleasing to the ear

The Dance of Words

When tempers grow short

The storms ending brings  a new glow to the dawn

The Void (mp3)

There is a freedom in confinement

Dawn breaketh not

I see a meadow of green

Weakness of body

What good can be in weakness?

I am the lone wolf that walks through walls

From a legion of many

Desert wandering

Standing in a barren landscape

Why do I sit here and delude myself? (mp3)

A bubble, nothing can pierce

It's kindof a strange feeling

Once I walked alone, down by the sea (mp3)

To my roommate on her birthday

Pandora Revisited

The Morning Star (mp3)

I Sing

I'm living this day for today

What is it that makes you look at me?

The Meadow

I am a besieged wall (mp3)



Gateway of my Heart

I Search (mp3)

Standing on the brink of Forever

Wondrous Things!


Bridges Beyond


Cross-country Skiing

Life (mp3)