Author's Favorites
A listing of the poems I consider my best and/or most meaningful. In no particular order.
Pulsar (mp3) Before (mp3)
Sail on, Sailor Morning Twilight
With the waters' bubble beside me (mp3) What happens when dreams (mp3)
Shadows pass. (mp3) I chanced to glance (mp3)
Spanning a chasm, miles deep (mp3) Dance the storm
The Void (mp3) The Dance of Words
I am a besieged wall (mp3) There is a freedom in confinement
Silence reaps its own reward Song of the Westwind's Rising (mp3)
I cannot ask (mp3) Unicorns and sacrifices
Some might say these keys are cold, (mp3) And thus spare no passing thought (mp3)

Poems of (extremely) variable quality originally written as songs

Morning Twilight Worthy
Song of the Westwind's Rising (mp3) Once I hoped to find
Own True Match Scatter the splinters of my soul
I dreamed a dream that once was I Sing
I Search (mp3) I'm living this day for today
Life (mp3) People

It sits. Beat (mp3)
Hunger Own True Match
There are dirty minutes on my hands Myself and I
Solemn faces Silence, golden silence
Wondrous Things! Cross-country Skiing
Christmas Tree (not posted) To my roommate on her birthday