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Here you may find slice-by-slice surgical transcripts of past operations, pre- and post- operative pictures, and surgical tips by DrEmpress, licensed practitioner of Anything Goes Martial Arts Surgery.  Sign up today to schedule your own targeted or personal operations.  Many unique and personalized techniques available, suggestions, comments and patient feedback always welcome.  For appointments, contact the Head Nurse.

Records by Date

"The Calamari Incident"

Hope he wakes up soon...

"Yet Another Skeleton for KillJoy"

Ah, but for a guarantee...

"The Great Patient Exchange or The Fireball Fiasco"

This surgical transcript has been removed due to patient confidenciality concerns

"Skeletal Reconfigurations a la KillJoy"

This transcript to be posted shortly


Artwork in Progress


DrEmpress' Good Surgery Guide

The definitive guide for young aspiring IRC surgeons (previous edition sold under the title "YAIRCS To IRCS, IRC Surgery Made Easy") written by the developer of the Original Anesthetic Mallet[tm].

(There's a Mallet of Anesthesia[tm] perfectly sized for any pain and any patient.  Ask about our quantity discounts and wide variety.  This message brought to you the YAIRCS by MalletsRus, Inc.)