Tessa on Cute.


Cute = spread neat gorystuffle over a radius of 5 km. and craterses.  and the *KABOOM!*, you gotta have the *KABOOM!*.

*SPROINGLE*ing is cute too.

Little fuzzy animals are cute.

Big red craterses made after the cute little fuzzy animal gets hit by a boom gun round are cuter because craterses are always cuter.

Underwater mines make nice *KADOOSH!*s but they aren't very cute because they don't make beauuutimaginous craterses.

Explosions are cute because they're all red and gold and yellow, and flamey and happy and make beauuuuuuutifulificous *BOOMS*!

Nuclear weapons aren't cute because you can't dance in the craterses.

Every city needs more beauuutiful craterses and cuuute explosions!

No one ever makes weapons and armor as cute as they ought to be.

Craterses should always be danceable.

Mechanicstuffles aren't cute unless in tiptop-and-as-modified-and-tweeked-as-possible shape.  and decorated of course.