Dance Quotes

Advenibamus, videbamus, anum calcitrabamus.

When winter's chill is felt and the dark whisperings begin, seek the light of the night's falling and the true warmth of ice.

Happiness, the state of which being relevant, can thus not be a journey's end but a journey of itself.  May thy journey be ever uphill, for it is the uphill journey that reaches Life's summit.

Dance in the sun's depth of shadow, fly on the winds of silent stillness.

The song of the mute is in the dance of hands

Blinding light is all a blind man desires

Life needs more commercial breaks

A scream in silence shatters stillness, yet the same scream is never heard.

When one wanders in darkness, one can't tell if they've wandered there before.

Search for truth always, yet cast not about, for it is found only on one path

Whispering winds send wandering ones where they wish, though where that is, is unknown.

Well hath the dance challenge been issued and met, well hath the dance of words begun.  Forever as doeth life endure, thus doeth the dance go on.

The vidial message of one's life should never require editing.

Thoughts worth pennies are not worth buying.

One must be careful when unraveling a twisted skein, for what appears to be a loosening may in the end be a worse knot.

Only in solitary silence can the whisperings of the soul be heard.

Truth is in the eye of the beholder.
beauty, yes, truth, never.  truth is as it is, and though oft mispercieved, remains what it is and was and shall be.

Eve: "Why is it that a developed taste for cheese is an expression of being cultured?"
Sarah: " Well Eve, what's in the cheese?"

Go brách, síocháin.....le claíomh.